market volatility

What Recent Market Volatility Means to You

“October: This is one of the particularly dangerous months to invest in stocks. Other dangerous months are July, January, September, April, November, May, March, June, December, August and February.” – Mark Twain Though certainly tongue-in-cheek, this quote seems prescient for the October the markets have been experiencing so far this year. In this note, we […]

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estate plan

4 Reasons You Don’t Need an Estate Plan

Here the four reasons you don’t need an estate plan: 1. You don’t own anything. 2. You don’t have anyone you love or care about. 3. You would prefer that the politicians in your state decide who your personal assets go to and who is the guardian of your children when you die because you […]

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retirement planning

The 10 Pivotal Areas of Retirement Planning

Your last day at work…can you imagine it?  You’ve worked hard for decades, saved a lot of money, made more good financial choices than bad, and you’ve finally arrived…your last day at work.  For some this is one of the happiest moments in their life, for others it is one of the scariest, and for […]

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investment planning

The 8 Essential Elements of Investment Planning

Do you ever have that nagging feeling you forgot something?  Does it frustrate you because you know from past experience that that feeling is reliable?  And doesn’t it always seem like you find out later that day that you did forget something right when you need it! In financial planning and wealth management, there are so […]

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financial security

Attempting to Avoid Trauma to Your Financial Security

The 3 Principles of Risk Management An important part of financial planning is risk management. Eliminating the potential damage risks could do to our future financial security is the key to a good financial or retirement plan. There are three basic principles behind risk management in which you can approach any risk that you face: […]

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financial plan

7 Steps to a Solid Financial Plan

Learn the 7 Steps to a Solid Financial Plan. Watch below! 7 Steps to a Solid Financial Plan -Video Transcript- Hi! My name is David Shepherd and today I’m going to share with you The 7 Steps to a Solid Financial Plan. So step number one: the first thing you need to do is establish […]

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save your retirement

Can You Save Your Retirement After a Market Crash?

Many times, when I am talking to someone as they are almost ready to retire, the worst thing that they can imagine upon their retirement would be a big market decline, especially at the beginning of their retirement. They aren’t sure how they could ever recover from something they consider so catastrophic. When they ask […]

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financial outcomes

Are Upfront Commissions Affecting Your Financial Outcomes?

One of the things that I’ve been running across lately is when people are referred to us, and we review portfolios, I’m seeing more and more instances of things being done with the bias from an advisor to get upfront commissions. In many cases, this means using products or services that pay the highest upfront […]

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