How Will You and Your Money React to the Election?


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Is Your Portfolio Brexit Proof

Is Your Portfolio Brexit-Proof?

Learn the 3 questions you need to ask your advisor or yourself about your portfolio in light of Brexit.  

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Black Friday

Better Investor Brain & Black Friday

Better Investor Brain & Black Friday A new year is soon upon us. Before long the holidays will be packed up and put away. The calendar will cross over to 2016, when we are barely into the habit of dating our checks with 2015. As we approach the holidays I want to share a few […]

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financial planning

What Exactly Is Financial Planning?

There are many ideas and opinions as to what exactly is financial planning. Here, David Shepherd, outlines what Financial Planning is. David explains the process of harmonizing the seven key areas that make up your financial program with the objective that you and your family can reach and maintain your most important goals. “As an […]

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How To Maximize Your Retirement Readiness Screenshot

Maximize Your Retirement Readiness

Are you Retirement Ready? If you know the answers to the 12 questions below, you may be well on your way… 1) Do you know how long your money will last if you stop working today, invest your nest egg as safely as possible and try to maintain your current standard of living? 2) Do you […]

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American Flag for Veterans Day

In Honor of Our Veterans

In honor of all our veterans, both current and retired, and those who gave their life for our country, Shepherd Wealth & Retirement wanted to take a moment and say thank you. And though a simple thank you doesn’t come close to repaying the debt we owe for your service and sacrifice, we say it […]

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