Maximize Your Retirement Readiness

How To Maximize Your Retirement Readiness ScreenshotAre you Retirement Ready? If you know the answers to the 12 questions below, you may be well on your way…

1) Do you know how long your money will last if you stop working today, invest your nest egg as safely as possible and try to maintain your current standard of living?

2) Do you know which one of the 567 ways to claim your Social Security will maximize the lifetime benefits?

3) Do you know the proper mix of stocks versus bonds in a retirement income portfolio?

4) Do you know how big of a nest egg you’ll need as you enter retirement if you’ll be retired for 20,30 or even 40 years?

5) Do you know the appropriate spending rate from your nest egg to insure your savings last your lifetime?

6) Do you know what percent of pre-retirement income you need to replace to maintain your current standard of living in retirement?

7) Do you know how the rising cost of health care could affect and even decimate your retirement income plan?

8) Do you know what your pension annuity is worth and what it costs to buy more lifetime income?

9) Do you know how longevity affects funding a retirement that may well last 30 years or longer?

10) If you have a retirement shortfall, do you know how big it is and what can be done about it?

11) Do you know the proper way (most tax efficient way) to leave a financial legacy to your heirs?

12) Taking everything into account, do you know if your retirement income plan is sustainable?

How did you do? If you knew all the answers, great job and congratulations!

If you didn’t know all the answers, don’t worry, the majority of people don’t. But Dave and I have some great news: we have put together a set of resources that can help you answer those questions and more. Simply go to There, you will have access to a great set of resources including:

– “12 Key Questions Every Retiree Must Answer” free eBook

– Retirement Readiness Checklist

– “How to Maximize Your Retirement Readiness” short web presentation

– Our retirement planning quiz

– The ability to share the info with others

– The ability to request your own complimentary retirement income analysis

– Learning interesting facts on retirement

We’re very excited to make this announcement as we think could be great resource for you and we especially think the short web presentation, eBook, and checklist provide some valuable educational information on retirement readiness. We hope you think so too!

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