Learn More About the Recent SEC Fraud Alert

I just wanted to update you really quickly on a fraud alert that’s come out from the SEC recently. And it is actually an alert where people are calling up and pretending to be SEC examiners, if you will, to help you make trades, verify trades, et cetera, things like that on your accounts. For more information, you can go to Investor.gov and look under their investor alerts and bulletins to look at the latest scams that are making their way around consumers – many times senior consumers.

As you know, there’s a lot of these types of things. There’s email, there’s phone calls; I’ve been getting phone calls lately about legal notices, and “please call our number really quickly,” and all that kind of stuff. And remember, there’s all kinds of ways to get you to call or talk to you and verify your personal information and get information about you that they can then use to defraud you one way or another. I can’t think of many reasons, if any, that anybody would call you out of the blue and want to know your personal identifiable information without you being able to confirm it, or call them back later, or approach them later. The government doesn’t do things like that. Firms tend to not do things like that. They try to keep things very above board because of these kinds of frauds and scams that are going on. So when in doubt, the best thing to do is to hang up, or not call them back, or whatever you think is appropriate until you can verify it. And you can always call us, and we can tell you if it has anything to do with any of our accounts or the things that we’re doing for you as a client.

Again, there’s a lot of things going on out there where they are just trying to get enough information on us to steal some money from us or defraud us in one way or another. So stay alert! Don’t give away your personal identifiable information unless you are absolutely positive that you are talking to a person that should get it and that it’s appropriate. Thanks again. Have a great week.

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