CFA® Exam Results Are In!

ExamAs many of you know, I began to pursue my CFA charter at the end of 2012. Completing Level I of III would culminate in an all-day exam on June 1, 2013. If I passed, I can then continue on to the Level II exam in the summer of 2014, and then, if Level II is passed, I can move on to the Level III exam in the summer of 2015.

After many months and hundreds of hours of study, I sat for the exam on June 1, 2013 on a surprisingly nice summer day in Phoenix. Needless to say, the exam was very challenging. After I had finished and I was thinking about how I did, I was reminded of something Tony Horton, the P90X workout series instructor would often say when a workout would get really difficult: “do your best and forget the rest”. That’s really what you have to do after a CFA Institute exam because you don’t find out how you did for about two months! Do your best and forget the rest . . . for two months anyways.

Well, the time for waiting has come and gone and I am very pleased to announce that I passed the June 2013 Level I exam! The pass rate for this exam was 38%.

I look forward to continuing on this journey and learning more to help me better serve our clients here at Shepherd Wealth and Retirement. For those of you that may be unfamiliar with the CFA charter, you can learn more in my first post announcing my candidacy here and also from a CFA Institute brochure here.

On to Level II!

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